There’s something extra magical about connecting in person.

We offer three different portals for you to work with us in person; continue reading to explore which is right for you.

Picture this, you are getting ready to share a new post but you’ve got a problem…You can’t choose which photos to post because you loved them all.

This 1:1 immersive experience with Rakel and her creative team was designed to help you express your core values, your vision for yourself, your business, and the world with more clarity and confidence than ever before.

Rakel will help you connect to the truest, most potent essence of yourself, allowing you to focus on enjoying the process of sharing your story through images.

Technically this is a photoshoot, but in reality it’s so much more. You’ll receive a profound energy upgrade, returning home feeling elevated, new, and completely comfortable in your own skin.

Tangibly, you’ll walk away with hundreds (if not thousands) of incredible photos and videos for you to use in your marketing and cherish forever. Intangibly, you’ll walk away taller, readier than ever to create the success you know you’re here to experience.

This includes:

1. One session pre-shoot to define concept and core values.

2. Wardrobe, accessories, and style consultation.

3. Production Book.

4. Embodiment practice to prepare you for the event the week prior.

5. Embodiment practice and intention setting the morning of the event.

6. Premier Photographer flying into your location; my team of photographers have worked with brands like Prada, Puma, Luisa Via Roma, and Barneys NY.

7. Full-day shoot allowing the photographer to capture behind the scenes and intimate moments of connection in addition to planned shoots.

8. Wardrobe, accessories, pose/vibe preparations.

9. Commercial rights for all photo and video assets.

10. 5 high-quality videos for social media.

11. All meals and transportations the day of.

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This 1:1 immersive experience with Rakel was designed for the busy woman who wants to accomplish a lot in a little time, this 1:1 immersion makes Rakel your business-partner for the day. Imagine being able to design your entire digital course or book outline in just one day, write and record your meditation album in 24 hours, create months worth of videos and social media content, build new freebies, websites or even an entire funnel all within one day. Rakel will work with you and make sure you leave feeling accomplished and in charge, and when needed she will hire and manage the most talented, cost-effective team to support you in the implementation of your big goals.


  1. Embodiment practice to get you present and focused for the day
  2. Meditation and Intention setting
  3. Action plans for the next 3 and 6 months
  4. Project implementation - custom (learn reels, create social content, decide your new direction, create a freebie ….)

These immersive group experiences designed to help you uplevel and transform the way you feel about yourself, your body and your purpose in the world. The goal here is to leave feeling different, new, experiencing expansion from the inside out.

It includes daily movement and embodiment class experiences uniquely curated to give you a chance to connect to the deeper layers in your body and regulate your nervous system, small group coaching sessions to integrate and deepen your experience, delicious healthy meals, and special activities such as embodiment shoots, personal fragrance creation, intuitive meal ceremony, somatic dance release, wealth consciousness trainings, and more.

Each retreat is designed to take full advantage of the unique setting and cultural identity of each location.

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